On a cold dark gloomy December Tuesday eve, all I could think about was my book and my hot water bottle. The last thing on my mind after my last client was travelling all the way to East London to listen to Luke Harvard.
I pushed myself to ...Read More
I spent Thursday and Friday at the Business and Start Up show at Olympia, London taking in all that the business world has to offer.
I spent two days meeting fantastic entrepreneurs in queues, at coffee shops; young and old innovators with...Read More
What is psychological resilience?
Psychological resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, stress — such as family and relationship problems, health problems or workplace and fin...Read More
I attended a workshop by Eliiot Kay on Wednesday on ‘How to create a great elevator pitch’.
Elliot has a very approachable personality and made everyone in the room feel relaxed and guided (which was appreciated).
What I found mo...Read More
It feels a bit all doom and gloom in November. I have felt myself being less energetic, less motivated and generally less smiley.
This has bothered me greatly as I still have my goals to achieve and a business to run and grow.
I deci...Read More
In Praise of beautiful meeting spaces in London I have spent the last year meeting clients all over London and discovering the incredible ‘share work space’ and ‘meeting spaces’ that exists in this great city.

When I started se...Read More

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My client and I are preparing a pitch for potential clients. My question to my client was “ Who are you pitching too?”

In any business the ide...

As an experiment I decided to see what would happen if I would not write a blog for 4 weeks.
I wanted to discover how effective blogging is in or...
How well do we know ourselves? How well do we want to know ourselves? I remember a session with my first psychotherapist when I kept asking the same q...