Find Your Thing And Get Famous For It
Lucy Whittington wowed us with her ‘thing’ thing at Pony Express. She is a warm super energetic woman who “helps people stand out, get noticed, and get unstuck and move forward in a way that's easy, fun and totally authentic.” Lucy Whittington

The theme at Pony Express ( on the 18th March was all about ‘ Find you thing and get famous for it”

So what is this ‘thing’ and how do we get famous? Lucy encouraged the audience to look at the fingerprint on our pointing finger. “This is your unique finger print,” she said. Then asked us to point and move this finger towards our nose and touch the nose whilst trying to see the finger. This exercise was interesting on many levels:

  1. It points out our uniqueness; no other person has the same fingerprint; A good reminder
  2. When we put this finger on our nose we lost sight of our finger, fingerprint and uniqueness
  3. Others can still see your finger; meaning that your friends, family and colleagues will know your ‘thing’ more than you at times
  4. Your thing is what makes common sense to you and not necessarily to others

Lucy has an exceptional ability to see her clients’ ‘thing’ and works with them to bring it out and market it with clarity so they become well known for it.

She left us with these questions to aid our exploration of our ‘Thing’ Ask Yourself:

  1. What do you find or do really easily?
  2. What really annoys you in work or business and you know how you make it better or fix it?

Once you have more clarity:
  1. Have a FAME name like ‘Super Nanny’ to make yourself more memorable
  2. Tell your story: how did you start your business?, career? etc. Stories are memorable and engaging
  3. Get into the spotlight and get marketing: Find out which form of marketing suits your personality and do it. For example: if you work well with one-to-one; get an interview Work out how you want to communicate your product or service
“The world needs everyone to be doing what they are brilliant at and not what they are good at.”
Lucy Whittington
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