Optimising The Winter Months To Improve Your Business
It feels a bit all doom and gloom in November. I have felt myself being less energetic, less motivated and generally less smiley.
This has bothered me greatly as I still have my goals to achieve and a business to run and grow.
I decided to turn things around this week and have seen good results. I re-joined the gym and trained three times this week (my goal is minimum three times a week). I have improved my diet and have spent as much time as possible outdoors.
I feel completely different: more elevated, more smiley, more energy and generally much better. But these are the obvious things; there are hundreds of blogs recommending all that I have done this week.
I propose 6 other strategic plans as well as the above:
  1. Winter is about slowing down physically: slow down and spend more time online: blog, network, improve your profiles, spend time on social media platforms and put dates for meet ups and connections in diary through online networking
  2. Network more and make connections for the following year: January will not feel so overwhelming if you have meetings set up and new connections with new possibilities
  3. Spend time marketing: Ask your customers if they are happy with your service/product. This is also a good time for market research and branding any new products and services
  4. Be mindful, present and grateful: it is amazing how your mind set can change with a bit of gratitude and being aware of all that is around you
  5. Use the Business model canvas or Lean Canvas to re-look and Re-structure your business for next year
  6. Take time out to look at your business achievements or failures or both and set goals for the following year to improve business performance

Embrace winter and use this time well, if you sow seeds in winter, they will bloom in spring. If we work hard in winter, we can take more time out in summer. Most of all have fun, sleep more and enjoy the Christmas break!
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