The Importance Of Being Consistent With Online Marketing
As an experiment I decided to see what would happen if I would not write a blog for 4 weeks.
I wanted to discover how effective blogging is in order to drive people to your website.

The effect was very impactful. Google analytics showed me the importance of writing regular blogs and handing out information.
Google analytics showed a huge drop in visitors and a huge percentage drop (45%) in bounce rate (the amount of time a visitor spends on your site) Bounce rate should be lower than 45% and mine went from 48% to 85% when I did not put my blog on my website and share it on social media, which links visitors to read blog on my site.

Now whether I have lost clients because of this is difficult to say, but what I am sure of is that it has affected my Search engine optimisation (SEO).

Writing blogs can be time consuming but what I gained from this experiment (besides time) was another meaning to blogging. I found myself less focussed on my weekly ‘happenings’ because I was not going to record and share them.
I also discovered that blogging is not just about bounce rate and SEO, it is about my business and personal journey, my work with clients and celebrating the ups and downs!
I also discovered how much I enjoy writing: I missed my Thursday afternoons when I give myself that quiet period to reflect, write and share.
Blogging is not just about writing, it holds so much more and I am so happy to be back!

Pina Patane, Optimum Entrepreneur

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