The importance of recognizing and celebrating success
It is vitally important to recognise and celebrate your successes. Even if a celebration is a stroll in the park with an ice cream. It means that you are taking time out to say ‘well done’ to yourself and your business.

My journey home from a client today, can be described (for a Londoner) a nightmare. Soaring temperatures, overcrowded tubes, signal failures, unable to reach my destination without having to cross over a bridge onto a high street with hundreds of other commuters doing the same thing.

I could go on but rather than rant I will choose to celebrate. What am I celebrating: The fact that I do not have to do this commute day in and day out. I celebrate being self-employed and loving my job. To me that is my success.
So how did I celebrate: Two small pieces of amazing Baklava and a nice cup of tea and stopping for a while.

Everyone responds to recognition, whether it’s sincere words of praise or a financial bonus, recognition and reward will drive productivity, loyalty and profit. So if you are the ‘boss’ who gives you the recognition? It is your responsibility to be a good leader for yourself and your business.
As a mentor I see a lot of entrepreneurs who lose their self care by working too many hours, not eating properly, not exercising, not sleeping enough and not being able to recognize their successes.
As mentioned before ‘recognition will drive productivity, loyalty and profit’.

If you have staff then it is your responsibility to be a leader who leads by example. If you do not recognize your successes how will you recognize the successes of your staff? Remember: ‘recognition will drive productivity, loyalty and profit’

Next time you have a sale or sign up a new client, take time to recognize and celebrate. Even if it is just a walk in the park!

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