Transparency Is Something We See Not Hear
There is a lot of talk about transparency especially in the business world; customers now demand to know where the products come from, who made them or where their food is sourced.

I was having a meeting with a potential joint venture partner and he started talking about transparency. He stated that he works in a transparent way with both sides knowing his commission etc.
This made my body jolt and I noticed that I had shut down a bit. I have been analysing and thinking about this for days and I ask “do we need to declare we work in a transparent way or do we just do it?”
Transparency means to ‘allow light through’ or ‘to see through’. Surely this needs to be seen rather than heard?

I urge you to think about what happens to you when you read or are told that ‘so and so’ is transparent or a business works in a transparent way. Do you believe them straight away or do you start building rapport and a relationship before you trust this so called ‘transparency’. For me, transparency is in the experience of that person or business, it needs to be proven.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do you claim to work in a transparent way?
  2. If the answer is yes, do you state it or show it?
  3. Is it possible to be fully transparent in business?
  4. If the answer is yes, are you being fully transparent in business?

Transparency puts one in a vulnerable position. Being transparent and vulnerable takes courage. We entrepreneurs have courage to innovate and create…but lets ask ourselves does this courage stretch to transparency?
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